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ActiveMQ Pooling

Over the past weeks, I spend some times load testing ServiceMix and ActiveMQ . I discovered two things: * ActiveMQ broker is currently single threaded for a given JMS connection. The main effect is that if you send messages from several threads on the same connection, all threads will be processing sequentially (well, not exactly, but they will all be processed by a single thread on the broker side). * ActiveMQ Resource Adapter does not pool sessions and producers: this means that sending a single message with Jencks using the JMS best practices in a J2EE environment (create a connection, create a session, create a producer, send, close all) will take three consecutive roundtrips to the JMS broker and is very CPU intensive for the broker (at least, when using JMX). The first problem is mainly apparent when using persistent messages and there are a few things than can be used to speed up things (see the LogicBlaze tuning guide for ActiveMQ). However these tuning tweaks are no


I have just viewed Bruce Johnson tech talk on GWT ( Google Web Toolkit ). It sounds really powerful, especially the fact that your code is statically checked and the hosted mode. I really need to try it. Maybe a new console for ServiceMix which would allow the management of a ServiceMix cluster ...