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Is JBI so bad?

Ross Mason, the CTO of MuleSource, recently started a discussion about JBI. His first point is that JBI is no TCP/IP, meaning somehow that JBI is targeted at vendors and not at developers. Well, I'm not sure about the TCP/IP thingy, but he's a bit right about JBI being targeted at vendors and not developers. Why? If you have some knowledge about JBI, you know that there are multiple JBI components (bindings that handle a particular protocol such as HTML, JMS, etc... and engines that provides business logic such as a rules engine, a BPEL engine and so on). The developer will mostly see those components, not the JBI APIs: if you work with a BPEL engine and write a process, you won't see the JBI APIs surface in the BPEL at all. If you write a WSDL to define a SOAP/HTTP service, you won't really see JBI there either. So, yes, at some point, he is right that JBI 1.0 hasn't focused on the developer, or I should say, the user. Because if you need a custom componen