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Apache SSHD 0.1.0

Last week, we (the Apache Mina team) released the first version of the SSH library I've began and already blogged about. The SSHD project provides a server side implementation of the well known SSH protocol. It also provides a client side API which is currently limited and needs improvements (any help welcome!). Look at the release page for more informations.

OSGi Blueprint Services

I gave a presentation on Monday at the OSGi DevCon in Zurich about Blueprint services. Blueprint Services is the OSGi standardized version of Spring-DM which I've been working on (both the spec and the implementation over the last weeks). Below is the presentation. The spec is not published yet, but the implementation code is currently available at: This implementation is now integrated into Apache Felix Karaf , a ready to use distribution of OSGi for enterprise / server side applications. OSGi Blueprint Services View more Microsoft Word documents from gnodet .