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FuseSource acquired by RedHat

Yesterday, an important announcement was made: RedHat is acquiring FuseSource.  This news is following Progress announce a few weeks ago about FuseSource being divested as not being part of their new product strategy. This is truly exciting. RedHat looks like a fantastic company, pure Open Source players as we are too.  We will be integrated into the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Group and even if there is some overlap on the products, I don't have any doubts that we'll be able to find the best way to leverage our respective strengths to build new awesome products for our users and customers. This is definitely a good fit for both RedHat and FuseSource, and I'm definitely thrilled about it.

Camel Webinar

Je présente la semaine prochaine un webinar sur Camel en français intitulé "Introduction à Apache Camel". Inscrivez-vous !

JLine 2.6

I've released JLine 2.6 which should be available in central soon. The main change is that JLine is almost completely conform ant with GNU readline . This means that JLine will read the ~/.inputrc by default and now supports VI editing mode, macro recording and all the goodness you can find in your standard unix shell. It will be used in Karaf 3.0 and in the next Fuse ESB .

Unit testing Camel Blueprint routes

Last week, while in Vegas , I discussed with my colleague Scott Cranton and he told me that something that was really making our users tend to stick with Spring-DM when using Camel Blueprint routes was that unit testing those routes was not possible. So I hacked a small support library for Camel, leveraging PojoSR which provides a service registry without using a fully compliant OSGi container. This allows defining real unit tests (as opposed to integration tests using Pax Exam . See the below example. public class DebugBlueprintTest extends CamelBlueprintTestSupport { @Override protected Collection<URL> getBlueprintDescriptors() { return Collections.singleton(getClass().getResource("camelContext.xml")); } @Test public void testRoute() throws Exception { // set mock expectations getMockEndpoint("mock:a").expectedMessageCount(1); // send a message template.sendBody("direct:start&quo

Back from Las Vegas

I'm back from Las Vegas where we had a fantastic FuseSource KickOff meeting. As you can see below, a real camel had been brought from the west coast and James even had a short ride on it! On the technical side, we expect a bunch of exciting stuff this year, so you'll certainly hear from us soon.