JLine 2.6

I've released JLine 2.6 which should be available in central soon. The main change is that JLine is almost completely conform ant with GNU readline. This means that JLine will read the ~/.inputrc by default and now supports VI editing mode, macro recording and all the goodness you can find in your standard unix shell.
It will be used in Karaf 3.0 and in the next Fuse ESB.


Guillaume Nodet said…
The release is now available in central at http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/jline/jline/2.6/ . Note that the maven groupId has been reverted back to jline.
crazy4grrovy said…
What is JLine? Hopefully you can post a better readme description on your github repo :)
Guillaume Nodet said…
I've added a description of the project on the JLine 2 page at github. Thanks for the feedback.
paulk_asert said…
Hi, is there a guide for converting from jline 1?
Anonymous said…

I'm running fuseesb on HP-UX
And I've WARNING from jline for each chars typed on console.
I' dont know how to change log level of jline.

What is the version number of jline in karaf 2.2.2 (fuse 4.4.1) ?


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