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Thoughts about ServiceMix

I’ve been involved in ServiceMix, the Open Source ESB, nearly since its inception. ServiceMix was started by James Strachan and Rob Davies in May 2005 and the 1.0 version was released in August 2005. I joined LogicBlaze in October 2005 (leaving Mule behind, as I was a committer on Mule) to work on the 2.x releases (2.0 was released in November 2005) and then on the 3.x after the move from Codehaus to the Apache Software Foundation (3.0 was released in May 2007) and the 4.x versions based on OSGi (4.0 was released in March 2009). Even though I’m now focusing more on the OSGi side now (being the VP of Karaf), I’ve done my share of work on ServiceMix (I’m still the first committer in terms of number of commits according to and I’ve been the VP of ServiceMix at the ASF for a few years. ServiceMix started as a very lightweight implementation of JBI spec. The 2.x version brought much more JBI compliance and the 3.x has se