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JMS Soap Binding

Dan Diephouse just blogged about the announcement of a public review of a JMS SOAP binding and IRI scheme from BEA, IBM, Sonic and Tibco. This is a great news for JMS/SOAP interoperability ! He mentioned that the content-type header has a limited value because of the lack of support for very large messages in JMS. While this may be true for some providers, ActiveMQ provides such a feature . Also, I'd like to mention I would have been very happy to have a JMS Binding for non-SOAP WSDLs, like the WSDL2 HTTP Binding. I think it would be even more useful ! Anyway, hopefully ServiceMix will have support for the spec soon ...

Jencks 2.0

Jencks 2.0 has been released. This is a major release because there are lots of incompatibilities, but the main point has been to upgrade to Geronimo 1.2 Transaction Manager, which leads to a much simpler configuration. The release also includes the ActiveMQ Pool from my previous blog entry.