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Spring App Server

I've just seen the annoucement that SpringSource has launched a new App Server based on OSGi (Spring-DM). I find it a bit weird that they tend to rewrite existing stuff: the JMS JCA layer in Spring 2.x is somehow derived from the Jencks project, Spring Integration looks a lot like Camel , and now this app server which looks very similar to ServiceMix Kernel with WAR support (which we already had in ServiceMix 4 from the Pax Web project).


A friend of mine has cracked an iPhone a few months ago (shame on him...) but was quite reluctant to upgrade to a newer version in case the phone would be bricked . Fortunately, I gave him a link to ZiPhone , which is the best way to unlock your iPhone I've found so far: just upgrade your phone using iTunes, launch the application and click. 5 minutes later, you have a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone with the latest firmware :-) Dan has also blogged about Fring , a very nice application to to VoIP over the iPhone. If you like to twitter , have a look at Twinkle too.

ApacheCon EU 2008

Bruce and I will be both at ApacheCon Europe in Amsterdam next week to talk about ServiceMix and Camel , so if you want to meet with us, send us a mail. There will be a BOF about ServiceMix on Wednesday, so it will be a good opportunity to meet too.

JBI and SCA (again)

I've just seen this post saying: One of the major motivations for doing so is that currently, the Java community is still split between SCA and JBI. Well, this is somewhat true, I can't really deny it, but it should not be that way. JBI and SCA are not really competitors, even if they are usually seen that way. The JBI specification explains how to create an ESB that allows pluggable components to be wired easily thus allowing vendor independant components to be created. SCA defines a way to write composite applications in a clearly defined way that can be applied to different languages (though you can't really mix those, so you end up with one runtime per language you support). As a standard, SCA offers value, but I really think both could be supported in a single runtime like FUSE ESB . We've discussed several times about supporting SCA on top of JBI in ServiceMix , but I haven't heard much needs on that. We are currently working hard on ServiceMix 4, based