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Apache Karaf

ApacheCon was really interesting this year! Recently, a lot of people have expressed a real interest in ServiceMix Kernel , our generic OSGi distribution for server side applications. We've been discussing moving this subproject into Apache Felix for several reasons: raise the visibility and awareness on ServiceMix Kernel attract a broader community Several Apache projects are planning to use ServiceMix Kernel as their container: this includes Apache James , Apache Directory and Apache ActiveMQ . The Apache Sling community is also willing to contribute to this effort along with some other groups like the OPS4J project. During this discussion, a name as been proposed by Jamie Goodyear: Apache Karaf . A carafe is a small container used for serving wine and other drinks ( In similarity to the name the Kernel allows applications to be more easily handled, and improves their characteristics (much like a bottle of wine left to breath in a dec

New clustering engine in ServiceMix 4

I have expressed several times on the mailing list that the JMS flow included in ServiceMix 3 has some deficiencies. Learning from that, ServiceMix 4 has a brand new clustering engine that Adrian and I have discussed a bit at ApacheCon. He blogged about that recently, so have a look at his blog post .

Apache ServiceMix 4.0.0 and Apache ServiceMix NMR 1.0.0

During ApacheCon last week, we're released Apache ServiceMix 4.0.0 , the first release of our OSGi-based integration platform. We've also released Apache ServiceMix NMR 1.0.0 which contains the NMR layer, the JBI layer. The main distribution is a minimal JBI container with no components. Have a look at those, we welcome your feedback!

Whitepaper: Large scale deployments with ServiceMix 4

At ApacheCon Europe last week, Andreas Gies, a coworker, has given a nice presentation about large scale deployments with ServiceMix 4. It has been now published as a whitepaper and is available on the FUSE site .