Performances of ServiceMix WSDL-First example

I have spent some time profiling ServiceMix a bit, and particularly the WSDL-First example from the distribution. Here are the results while running a SOAP UI load tests on the example from the 3.1 distribution and the upcoming 3.1.1 distribution:

Version, min, max, avg, last, cnt, tps, bytes, bps, err
SMX 3.1, 9, 234, 20.64, 14, 57724, 484.43, 19106644, 159450, 0
SMX 3.1.1, 5, 204, 16.75, 14, 71065, 596.99, 23522515, 196095, 0

The most interesting number is the tps (transaction per seconds) absolute number: roughly 600 transactions per seconds sounds like a reasonable number (this small tests were running on my laptop without any particular tuning on the JVM or ServiceMix configuration) !

The other one is the tpc increase between 3.1 and 3.1.1:

595.99 / 484.43 = 1.2324

which means this sample performances for this sample has been boosted by 23 percents !


Anonymous said…

i am interested in ServiceMix Load Testing !

would you please explain more details about your test ?

Good Luck
Guillaume Nodet said…
Well, this was a really simple test as I said. I just used the wsdl-first example from the distribution as is, and used SOAP UI to send SOAP requests from 10 concurrent threads during 2 minutes. That's all !
Anonymous said…
Useless blogging here we go..
Bruce Snyder said…
Nice work Guillaume!
Eduardo Burgos said…
How do you communicate between soapui and servicemix? do you necessarily need an http endpoint? or can soapui connect directly to servicemix?

I'm interested in this kind of test
Guillaume Nodet said…
Unless you are in the same JVM, you have to use a protocol to communicate with ServiceMix, which is the whole point of BCs. I agree that SE endpoints could be automatically exposed to BCs to ease configuration, but that's another story.

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