Switching to Mac

My ThinkPad has some serious cooling problems (it keeps shutting down when I really use it, which is kinda annoying, because this is when you really use it that you want it up and running of course) so I decided to go for a MacBook Pro. Why? Well, I'm a long time users of Windows, but for developing, I usually use cygwin for command line and all the unix good stuff. Additionally, all my team mates are Mac users, so I was quite sure I would not loose much. Now, I must admit I don't regret. Thanks to James for having pointed a few useful softwares...


James Strachan said…
Yay! Glad you're liking it :). Now you'll never switch back to the dark side :)
magomarcelo said…
especially when you understand how many tools for a developer you won't need to install because on a unix box they're already there... no more cygwin, winzip, scp, putty... and for any other need there's always MacPorts as a package manager (i.e. apache2, svn...)
On my MBP I also have a /Library/ServiceMix ;)

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