ServiceMix has graduated

I'm really pleased to announce that the ASF Board has approved Apache ServiceMix graduation :-) This means that ServiceMix now becomes a full Apache Top Level Project. So we will soon make our first official release of ServiceMix 3.1.2 and 3.2 coming later. This also means that the resource will be moved to their final location: the website will be moved to and the svn repo to

In addition, I'm honored to have been voted as the Apache ServiceMix PMC Chair. The PMC (Project Management Commitee) is the group of people responsible for the project oversight, and its Chair is the interface between the Board and the project.

I just want to remind people the purpose of the Apache Incubator: its main responsibility is to watch new projects at the ASF to make sure that no IP problems remains and that there is a vibrant, diverse and sustainable community around the project that goes the "Apache Way". This is in no case about the quality or maturity of the software itself, as incubating projects greatly vary in these areas (from brand new projects to very mature projects joining the ASF).


Unknown said…
Congratulations on finally graduating!!!
Dan Diephouse said…
Congrats! Now if only I could foresee a time when CXF leaves. :-)
Rockhopper said…
Kudos for the hard work making this possible.
garikapati said…

Congratulations and Good Luck in your new position. You deserve this.
I know about all your energy,effort and dedication you shown on days. And your replies on the mailing list for servicemix.

Uday Garikapati
Anand said…
The support you were providing on the lists was terrific! Congratulations.

Maneesh Innani said…
Congratulations, Its great to see ServiceMix embracing new SCA standards and creating more facilities...ServiceMix definitely has good development framework when you compare with other open source ESBs....

Maneesh Innani

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