New version of Apache Felix BundleRepository released!

Felix BundleRepository 1.6.0 released!

I'm very happy that the Apache Felix Bundlerepository subproject has been released last week. I've been working on it recently and I think it should even have deserved a 2.0.0 release.

This new version provides a new API, very similar to the org.osgi.service.bundlerepository package but which allows more control over the resolution. Performances for both parsing and resolution have been improved by a factory 10, which in my opinion finally move piece of code into a usable state.

At the same time, the Felix Web Console has been released and provides a refactored page for bundle repository browsing (amongst other things). Have a look !

Next steps on this subproject will include the move to the new Felix Framework resolver to be able to support more OSGi constraints such as uses clauses and thus have results that match the OSGi resolver.

I'd also love to have an up to date and correct view of maven central repository using BundleRepository. Combined with the web console which allows querying bundle repository in a powerful way, I think that would help a lot finding OSGi bundles.


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