Introducing Cade, the Config ADmin Extender

The OSGi Alliance is working on enhancements to the OSGi ConfigAdmin and some of the experimentation have been unveiled by Peter Kriens in a recent blog. The point is I was in need for enhancing the Apache Karaf blueprint configurations to be more dynamic, for example to restart the SSH server if its configuration had changed.

So I decided to start hacking on this idea and create cade, the Config ADmin Extender. The project is really small and allows you to easily access OSGi configurations in a type-safe manner. It seems to work quite well, so I plan to start using it in Karaf for the various parts that need a bit of dynamism for handling configuration changes.

I haven't done any release yet, but I hope to do that really soon. The source code is Apache Licensed, so feel free to have a look and provide feedback.


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